Can you see this ghost? Historic Chapel is Haunted

Jax Beach Museum Haunted by Ghosts.  There is actually a LOT more ghosts in the same shot, including a woman sitting next to the man.  How many can you see?  Leave in the Comments.

Known as The Paranormal Power Couple, Pamela and her life partner Steve Christian created and produced two TV shows, Medium in the Raw and Local Haunts that aired in Jacksonville, Florida on CW17 Medium in the Raw 6 seasons, and Local Haunts for 9 seasons and have been a fan favorite for years.  Together Pamela Theresa and Steve Christian work to help those who are guided in their direction to come to the awareness of the existence of the spirit world.  In fact Local Haunts was featured on the SyFy show Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files, and was proven to be FACT.

ABOUT:  The Paranormal Power Couple Steve Christian of Local Haunts and Pamela Theresa Medium in the Raw share with the viewers the life of the medium, and the paranormal investigator.

A Soul Without a Mind by Eludent

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