CW17’s Local Haunts Season 8
Sunday Oct. 14th, 2018

Bonus Footage

Local Haunts Episode 121: Paranormal House Call Part 3

Local Haunts Presents Evidence to Viewers

Steve Christian & Pamela Theresa

Steve Christian is the creator and producer of Local Haunts and Medium in the Raw with Pamela Theresa.  They have touched hundreds of thousands of lives through their TV shows Medium in the Raw and Local Haunts that air locally on CW17 in Jacksonville, Florida.  Their mission is to present evidence of paranormal activity that is filmed on location during investigations.   

Local Haunts was featured on the SyFy show Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files, and was proven to be FACT.




Local Haunts goes on location to investigate and film evidence of paranormal activity.

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Apparition at the Florida Theatre captured while filming on location for Local Haunts.

photo evidence.jpeg

Photo capture

Photographic evidence of spirit taken on location while filming for Local Haunts.


My Haunted Medium Life Script

By Pamela Theresa, Medium in the Raw

Current situation.

“Okay, so you say you’re the “medium”, now prove it!”

That’s the story of my life.

-Pamela Theresa, Medium in the Raw

My Haunted Medium Life is a Reality Show, or rather a "Rawality" show.  As Pamela Theresa, Medium in the Raw, tells it—a real medium with a purpose to teach everyone about the gifts of spirit communication, to instill knowledge that we can each experience this with or without the presence of a medium.

Pamela has been a medium her whole life—she knows no other way. She is also the mother to four children whom she homeschooled.  

After almost 20 years of marriage, her husband left her and her two youngest children abandoned, struggling to subsist. With nothing else to fall back on, the spirit world got to work and green lit the debut of the medium. Though she resisted coming out of the spiritual closet, she needed to survive.

A close friend of hers connected her with Steve Christian, the creator and producer of a local hit TV show, Local Haunts.  From the first meeting, he was intrigued by what he saw as the "real deal." Their unique story continues to this day.  The magic of the spirit world put Steve and Pamela together as a couple—a marriage of sorts genuinely made by Heaven. Six years and counting, with nearly 200 episodes of Local Haunts and Medium in the Raw combined, they are Jacksonville's Paranormal Power Couple.

Together they travel day in and day out proving the continuity of life.  Their purpose is to connect people with their loved ones who are on the other side while educating people about the earth-bound realms.

Native to Jacksonville, Florida, "The River City," Pamela works nonstop to teach anyone who will listen that the connection with the other side is real for everyone, not just the medium.

The show will reveal the story of the day-to-day life of a genuine medium. The truth of the experience—it is not always a happy place to be in the medium's shoes. Although she has a direct connection with the spirit world, you will see she is also human with the same ups and downs, joys and miseries as anyone else. Pamela shares her story, not seeing herself as a local celebrity but rather as a servant to the spirit world. Her constant mission is to teach others how to connect with their loved ones on the other side using—as she calls it—"The Spiritual Breadcrumb Trail."  

It works.

Thousands of people have experienced Pamela on a personal level. They too have learned through her how to connect and communicate with their people on the other side—"The Heavenly Travelers."

The only way to truly experience Pamela is to sit back and watch her do her thing. Steve lovingly calls her, "the Freak of Nature."  Those fortunate enough to have witnessed her gifts could not agree more.


Steve Christian


Local Haunts Cast

Steve Christian, Pamela Theresa, Kevin Remington, Luke Loertsceher & Savannah Huffingham


Steve Christian

The mastermind behind Local Haunts, Steve Christian has an extensive background in television production.  His lifelong passion for the paranormal was a natural fit to combine his interest with his work experience.  Steve came up with the idea of Local Haunts in 1991 but had to sit on the idea until the world was ready.  And launched the show in 2010 to an eager audience that became instant fans that have followed the show ever since.


Pamela Theresa

Known as Medium in the Raw,  Pamela Theresa is a true medium helping those dealing with tragic loss and repercussions of death delivering powerful evidence of spirit communication while teaching how to continue the everlasting communication without the medium.  She joined the Local Haunts team in 2012.



Luke  has been a camera operator on the Local Haunts Team since 2013. He is the son of Pamela Theresa, and is working towards his bachelors degree in Multimedia Journalism and Production at UNF. He has also competed in film making competitions, including the 2016 Jacksonville 48 Hour Film Project, which he won Best Editing for his work on Sins of the Father.


Savannah Huffingham

Savannah has been a Local Haunts Team member since 2013.  She is the Daughter of Pamela Theresa.  She started as camera operator and has since found her way to the other side of the lens.  She is a Paramedic and plans to join the Fire Academy of the South in 2019.  She is a gifted artist, and is also a Horse Riding Instructor  for beginner to intermediate in English Pleasure.  And has stable management experience of 5 years.

My Haunted Life
By Steve Christian